Epipremnum Aureum – Pothos

The common name ‘Pothos’ is often used in place of ‘Empipremnum Aureum’ to describe these hardy vining plants that easily propagate in water. These plants are able to to grasp onto other plants and surfaces, using their aerial roots to attach and climb. Pothos are an easy-care plant perfect for beginners.

Care Tips – Pothos prefer bright indirect light, but can also grow easily in medium to lower light environments. Water once a week or when the top several inches of soil is dry, usually every 5-10 days depending on container size. For larger leaves, try attaching stems to a stake or moss pole. For a trailing look, let the leaves grow downward on their own.

Available in a simple modern ceramic pot (Our pots do not have drainage holes at their base). We keep the plastic plant container inside the ceramic pot to maintain drainage and slightly increase humidity for the plants. Please select container size and color.


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