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Plant Vitamins is based in Canada. Directions according to Plant Vitamins: suggest adding about 1 teaspoon of BOOST per quart of water to give your plants an extra dose of nutrients during their growing periods. They will thank you for it!

Instant Plant Food is based in Southern California. Directions according to Instant Plant Food: Each tablet of instant plant food™ fertilizer will feed a large plant or several small ones. – DROP tablet in a glass of water or watering can – TABLET will bubble and dissolve – WATER your plant(s) with the solution – REPEAT 1 x every 3 months

Den is based in San Francisco and offers sustainable soil products in eco friendly packaging. Directions according to Den: When giving food to a potted plant, add 1.5 tsp for every inch of the pot’s diameter; i.e. for a 4″ potted plant add 6 tsp. Massage into the top 2″ of soil. When repotting potted plants, mix together 2 tbsp per cup of new soil before repotting.


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Plant Food

Den – Sustainable Plant Food, Instant Plant Food – 4 Tablets, Plant Vitamins – BOOST