Calathea – Prayer Plant, Cathedral Plant, Peacock Plant

Calatheas earned their common name “Prayer Plant” because of the physical closing or upward turning of their leaves come evening, similar to how hands join together for evening prayer. “Prayer Plant” often refers to Marantas, Calatheas and other genus of the Marantaceae family. They are endemic to tropical climates around the world. Calatheas can add the perfect pop of color to the home or office. *Calatheas are pet friendly.

Indoor Care Tips –  For a happy calathea, water 1-2 times weekly, or when the top few inches of soil is dry. Calatheas prefer to be consistently damp, however they do not like being overwatered. Calatheas thrive in filtered bright to medium indirect light, however some are also able to thrive in lower light environments. Calatheas are big fans of humidity, and will often tell you if they crave more humidity by developing crispy brown spots on the edges of their leaves. If you don’t have a humidifier, grouping plants together is a common remedy.

Available in a simple modern ceramic pot (our pots do not have drainage holes at their base). We keep the plastic inner container to increase the plant’s humidity and to maintain drainage. Please select container size and color.


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