Bromeliad – Neoregelia, Vriesea or Guzmania Hybrid

Native to Tropic Americas, there are more than 3500 known species of bromeliads, including pineapples! Most bromeliads are epiphytic, meaning they’d rather spend their life up in the trees vs. growing in soil. In nature, their ‘tank’ (the shallow center of the plant) holds water, and in the wild it can host its own mini ecosystem. *Bromeliads are considered non-toxic to pets.

Indoor Care Tips – Most bromeliads thrive in bright indirect light, while some are fine in lower light environments. Since most bromeliads are epiphytic, they prefer to have their roots watered sparingly. Water every 1-2 weeks and if your bromeliad is in a bright location, fill up the tank weekly or as needed. If you have access to distilled water, your bromeliad will thank you.

Available in a simple modern ceramic pot (Our pots do not have drainage holes at their base). We keep the plastic plant container inside the ceramic pot to maintain drainage and slightly increase humidity for the plants. Please select size and color.


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