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Order your bridal bouquet online with ease.

Available in 4 different styles:

The Bestie: Appropriate for a bridesmaid, toss bouquet or very casual affair.

Petite Compact: Bigger and better than the bestie. Perfect for intimate ceremonies. Full and lush round bouquet with premium focal flowers and textural accents.

Airy & Wild: A more modern take on the hand held bouquet. Lots of depth and movement focusing more on the line and shape of the stems vs. a round mound. Typically more asymmetrical in composition but guided by the materials used.

Floral Dense: Juicy and packed with premium blooms. Hardly any foliage showing. A lush gathering of pristine, full blooms. Not exactly round in shape and with a bit of movement.

3 Palettes available: White Wedding, Blushing Babe, Mauve & Moody. Ribbon wrap is typically ivory but we can source other colors with enough notice.

Note: The flowers featured in each of these images is representative of blooms available in the Winter/ Spring seasons. In summer there will likely be dahlias and in the fall Chrysanthemums and fall foliage etc. We will used the best quality seasonal materials available for your occasion. We know everyone loves peonies. When they are available we will use them if it fits in the budget. If you have a particular like or dislike, please note at checkout. Requests can be considered but ultimately we are at the mercy of floral availability from local vendors.

These a la carte options are intended for couples that find it most convenient to book online. We offer full service wedding services and consultations if you need something more customized. Please contact to schedule a consultation.

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The Bestie, Petite Compact, Airy & Wild, Floral Dense


White Wedding, Blushing Bride, Mauve & Moody