Aglaonema – Chinese Evergreen, Silver Evergreen

Aglaonemas were used as a symbol of purity and luck in Asia and were thought to bring these qualities into the household. These plants are often referred to more commonly as ”Chinese Evergreen”. They are in the Araceae family, the same family as ZZ plants and Philodendrons. If you’re looking for a hardy plant for the home or office with beautiful patterned foliage, this is the plant for you! *These plants produce calcium oxalates and are not pet friendly

Indoor Care Tips – Aglaonemas can usually grow in bright indirect light, medium light or lower light environments. Water about once weekly or when the top few inches of soil is dry. While Aglaonema are quite hardy and can tolerate dry soil for a short time, they do not like when their roots sit in water and will likely rot.

Available in a simple modern ceramic pot (our pots do not have drainage holes at their base). We keep the plastic inner container to increase the plant’s humidity and to maintain drainage. Please select container size and color.


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